Connecting blockchains
to the world

A multi-chain open, trustless, permissionless Data Oracle

Portus Network

Built for adoption. Designed for speed.

No middle men

Consumers talk directly to dAPI providers for absolute transparency and security. There are no validator or middlemen.


Download it and run it yourself in four easy steps. No advanced knowledge required.


Connect any blockchain with protocol plugins. Ethereum is available and Binance Smart Chain is in the works.


Secure from top to bottom. Request/Response signing, SSL, JWT, OAuth and more.


Add economic guarantees to your dAPI to vouch for your reputation and and protect consumers.


Get the community to stake PORT tokens in insurance pools and share your profit with them.


Deploy it inside containers, serverless environments, Kubernets clusters.

Massive throughput

Expect massive performance and speed in every running Portket node.

Claim Arbitration

Users can stake their tokens to become claim arbitrators for a fee of the insurance claim.

How does it work ?

Stake your PORT tokens in an insurance pool and earn transaction fees

Designed for all use cases

Having access to the world's APIs the limits are set only by your imagination

Data Feeds

Get reliable data feeds directly from recognized providers in real-time.


Talk to different dApps on different blockchains


Orchestrate APIs in your dApps to create powerful decision-based products.